Introduction: Understanding channel management

channel-managementSuccessful channel management requires patience, data, mutual understanding, common mechanics, candor and creativity. Channel management is to marketing what coaching is to sports; a game won only through the actions of others.


Loyaltyworks has considerable experience in working with companies to:

  • Develop meaningful sales relationships
  • Create incentive programs that move products and achieve
    business objectives

Channel incentive plans, like compensation deals, must foster cooperation versus competition and be geared towards creating advocates rather than adversaries. The critical building blocks for such a plan are communication, consistency, transparency and teamwork. Learn more about these concepts and how they can impact your business by browsing through the Channel Playbook’s collection of proprietary incentive industry research and expert viewpoints.


01. Understanding Channel management Managing a winning channel incentive program is challenging and requires patience. Find out what the building blocks of a successful program are.
02. Do Channel Incentive Programs Pay Off? Learn how channel programs can help you make the most out of your partnerships and yield lucrative ROIs
03. Channel Incentive Program Objectives and Applications Learn how your program goals and objectives will define your program design and guide you along the way.
04. Channel Incentive Program Application Examples These case studies showcase how companies are successfully using channel incentive programs.
05. The Psychology of Incentives and Motivation Get to know your audience and how do you go about designing a program that speaks to participants’ values?
06. Cash vs. Non-Cash Incentives Cash always seems like an attractive reward. But does it carry the same long-lasting trophy value?
07. Points-Based Incentive Programs Why choose a points-based program? It allows for a flexible structure, and, most importantly, it is measurable.
08. Point Program Participant Segments / Personas After enrolling in a program, participants assume different personas. Explore the various persona types.
09. Incentive Program Study and Benchmarks Compare your initiative program with industry benchmarks.
10. Incentive Program Performance Indicators A look at channel incentive program KPIs and redemption rates.
11. Channel Incentive Program Best Practices A list of best practices that will aid you in launching and maintaining a successful program.
12. Program Considerations and Conclusions Before embarking on a program take these final considerations into account.