Point Program Personas and Participant Segments

point-program personas-participant segmentsPeople participating in points-based programs take on distinctive personalities. The emergence of these personas is usually a lot of fun and contributes to the word-of-mouth and the general goodwill created by a well-structured program.


Highly motivated to earn, these individuals hoard points. They rarely redeem them but brag heavily about their account balances. Like people who get pleasure from reading their financial statements, Savers appreciate what they’ve achieved and feel rewarded psychologically for what they potentially could get.


Highly motivated to earn points, they spend them as quickly as they earn them. Earning and burning validates their effort and gives them bragging rights among their peers. They appreciate near constant activity and regular reinforcement and each new reward pushes them onward.

Junkies also have a hyper sub-set; people who aim for and then switch the rewards they are working toward frequently; almost daily. They repeatedly discuss or debate the appeal and the value of items in the reward catalog and get charged up celebrating the number and quality of the choices they have for redemption.


These are people who pick a tough goal and work toward it. The hard-to-get redemption motivates their day-to-day behavior. They are focused on playing by the rules and earning a great trip or high value merchandise, which they will talk about frequently. They are motivated by the challenge of doing something others will not. Doing the difficult task is as important as earning the reward. This individual will review and romance the features and functions of the home theater he’s working toward or endlessly discuss the possible side trip options during the trip to Italy she is pursuing.

Cool Cats

These people earn points by doing what they usually do. They are nonchalant about the program but secretly think that they are smarter and better than everyone else. But they are too cool to buy into the hype or get excited about the details of the program, though they will redeem points quietly for the rewards that appeal to them.


01. Understanding Channel management Managing a winning channel incentive program is challenging and requires patience. Find out what the building blocks of a successful program are.
02. Do Channel Incentive Programs Pay Off? Learn how channel programs can help you make the most out of your partnerships and yield lucrative ROIs
03. Channel Incentive Program Objectives and Applications Learn how your program goals and objectives will define your program design and guide you along the way.
04. Channel Incentive Program Application Examples These case studies showcase how companies are successfully using channel incentive programs.
05. The Psychology of Incentives and Motivation Get to know your audience and how do you go about designing a program that speaks to participants’ values?
06. Cash vs. Non-Cash Incentives Cash always seems like an attractive reward. But does it carry the same long-lasting trophy value?
07. Points-Based Incentive Programs Why choose a points-based program? It allows for a flexible structure, and, most importantly, it is measurable.
08. Point Program Participant Segments / Personas After enrolling in a program, participants assume different personas. Explore the various persona types.
09. Incentive Program Study and Benchmarks Compare your initiative program with industry benchmarks.
10. Incentive Program Performance Indicators A look at channel incentive program KPIs and redemption rates.
11. Channel Incentive Program Best Practices A list of best practices that will aid you in launching and maintaining a successful program.
12. Program Considerations and Conclusions Before embarking on a program take these final considerations into account.